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Don’t Do It!: a funny technology story

True Story:

My computer had crashed about a month ago, due to a program I was using [Windows 7 user advice: DO NOT EVER try to tweak your OS more than your Logon screen, unless you TRULY know what you’re doing! Trust me on this!] and wound up having to restore my computer to factory settings. Well, this week, I’m probably as close to where I was, pre-crash, as I was going to get after installing iTunes. Everything seemed fine until I plugged in my iPod……


Apparently, iTunes automatically assumes that you want it to run your life! As soon as I plugged my iPod in, iTunes comes up, strips my iPod of all it’s music, and locks it out to where all I can do now is view my notes and contacts, and play games……

Since the damage was already done, and iTunes was saying it couldn’t read my iPod, and that I needed to restore it [?] I was going to go ahead and let it do so. One small problem: I can’t find my .IPG files. Not good.

The iPod Classic wasn’t meant for games in all honesty, but a rousing game of Scrabble helps me get my mind in gear while totally confusing educating me with new words [Revenant was a cool one, and I had to look it up. But I think the computer cheats by allowing fake words…]

Back on topic, for some reason, my iPod games weren’t backed up, and I wasn’t about to pay for them all over again [as I am a broke college student!], so I dug around looking for a way to save my games from my iPod. that didn’t take too long, but was still pretty pain-staking.

So I finally got those games backed up, and restored, and told iTunes to leave my iPod alone for now…

Lesson #1:  Don’t mess with the OS