[Ar-muf-in] n. 1.Random Musings of Another Faceless Name

I Just Don’t Understand…


Is it just plain ignorance, or is there something more to it?

Personally, I never understood how someone could hate someone based solely on their skin color.  Sounds pretty ignorant if you ask me.

You would think, in this day and time–this era–that as a country we would have already put this behind us. But racial prejudice still lingers like a pair of mildewed gym socks.

I joke with one of my coworkers [who I’ll call “B”] about being jealous of his “tan”. [Of course, I don’t think I toldhim that I burn, but that’s neither here nor there!].

I do have to admit that I’m guilty of stereotyping.  I always thought that black people always listened to R&B, Hip-hop, Rap, and the like.  BW proved me wrong about everything I thought.  He likes alot of the same things as me.  Aside from a considerable age difference and his “tan”, we’re pretty much the same. Human. We bleed red, breathe oxygen, and have all the same bodily functions.

Another way I like to look at this issue is more of an artistic view.  A painting looks better when it employs more than one color. Take a fall scene for example. It wouldn’t be nearly as breath-taking if all the leaves changed to one color. No, you usually gets some red, a bit of orange, Some yellows, and brown. and it’s the combination of these colors that make for your beautiful autumn landscapes.

I can say it took me moving to Southern Illinois to see how bad racism can be.  In fact, this was pretty much a reaction to a situation I was told about that happened recently.

Another thought to add, in conclusion, is that if you really think about it, we all come from the same roots, even from an evolutionary point of view!  [How do you like them beans?]


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