[Ar-muf-in] n. 1.Random Musings of Another Faceless Name

I was just thinking about the whole music piracy issue, and thought about how it all sort of balances out. I don't have any statistics at hand, but I figure for every time an album is bootlegged, there are probably 2-3 purchases. (if I'm wrong, point me to somewhere that says otherwise!)
I'm not necessarily condoning — nor condemning — the practice, but I think of it this way: some people can't afford to shell out $20 for every album they want to listen to. So they happen to have a friend who buys the album. "Hey! Can I have a copy?" Before you know it, there's a half dozen copies floating around. I think there should be SOME regulation to it, but don't penalize the ones who REALLY CAN'T afford it…

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