[Ar-muf-in] n. 1.Random Musings of Another Faceless Name

King of Pop R.I.P.

So the king of pop died yesterday. A sad day for some. Though I wasn't much of a fan, I did appreciate his music. ''Thriller'' is one of my faves, along with ''Stranger In Moscow.''

Though we may never really know if the allegations against him are true [if you want my opinion, I think the parents were after his money.], we have lost one of music's most influential characters. So he was a bit of a freak — or ''eccentric'' to be more pc — but so are alot of so-called ''normal'' people. The man had some personal trauma that, I'm pretty sure, made him the way he was.

Sadly, we tend to overlook any good someone may have done when they mess up, or are even charged with wrong-doing. I've been on both sides. people are people, no matter how diverse, and I think we forget that too often.

Black & white.
Man & woman.
Young & old.
Freak, prep, geek, whatever…

In the end, we all still bleed red, right? Let God sort 'em out.

— (c)2009 dD2

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