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Open letter to Hollywood

Dear Hollywood,

It’s kinda crazy to think that you have so much influence on my country. your so-skinny-it’s-not-healthy models and actresses are the reason we have the anorexia and bulimia problems. our teenage girls — and some of our boys as well — are literally killing themselves to look like what they see on tv.

Your gratuitous sex and violence are influencing us as well. you may think it’s entertainment, but kids don’t necessarily understand that. I’m not shifting the blame from the parents, they’re just as guilty. when a parent takes a kid to see an R-rated film, and thinks nothing is wrong with that, i have to really wonder if they should be allowed to be a parent at all.

It’s Bad enough that we can’t hold our families together. Then you go and paint the image of a married man with a million girlfriends. I’m exaggerating, sure, but you get my point… Or do you?

No woman with any self-respect would want to share a man with another woman. [A rare instance of acceptable selfishness.]

Do understand, however, that I don’t hate you. I’ve always enjoyed a good, clean flick. It’s just the choices you make. When G and PG rated films make more money than the R rated stuff, but you still prefer to make the stuff that influences people to Rape, Kill, Steal, etc., there’s got to be something wrong with that. I just don’t get it…..

You either hide your shame or you have none. You parade Homosexuality like it’s something wonderful, yet you devalue a woman who makes a CHOICE to be a housewife. You kill the youth, You kill the old, then wonder why we can’t afford Social Security. Save the whales, Save the Earth, save Everything but another human life.

I could cite statistics and facts to prove you are beyond crazy and trying to bring America — and possibly the rest of the world — into the nuthouse with you. But you probably wouldn’t believe me anyway…..


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