[Ar-muf-in] n. 1.Random Musings of Another Faceless Name

We just f’ed up our nation!

America doesn't realize what they've just done. Come january, we will have a terrorist sympathizer in the oval office. It will be no surprise to me when we have another attack like 9/11. When he pulls our troops out and Iraq falls into complete anarchy, i don't want to be there to say "we told you so". If we weren't already at war, we will be. And america will be the first to pay. We've been blind for too long. Apparently, we weren't as phased by the events of sept 11, 2001, and want to damn ourselves to a repeat. All the freedoms that are valued by a few of us are relinquished by the ignorant majority. And I'm P.O.ed…
(c) 2008 dD2

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